There isn’t anything to terribly difficult about cloth wipes, but we understand that if you’re new to the whole concept it can be overwhelming. Here’s a small FAQ we’ve compiled for you. Please contact us if you have any questions! We are more than happy to help!


Why Use Cloth Wipes?

Everywhere you look words like "eco-friendly," "reusable," "carbon footprint," and "recycle" are being thrown around. Naturally, we all want our world to be the best it can be for ourselves and our children, but where to start? How about with our cloth wipes! What better way to start, than with the product you use every day with your littles.

Jumping into cloth diapering and cloth wipe can be intimidating, but don't let it stop you! Once you get started, you'll wonder why you hadn't before. No matter where or how you use them our wipes will stand up to the task keeping you happy and baby clean and dry. Stash them in your diaper bag, pile them up in your cloth wipe basket, and keep a few handy in your glove compartment!

How can I use cloth wipes?

Moms and Dads love our wipes for the plethora of ways they can be used to clean up after their babies and toddlers. Little bottoms, messy faces, and dirty hands are just a few ideas...we're sure you can come up with more! However! Not only are our wipes great for the littles, but also, these cloth wipes make for handy dandy wash cloths, dish cloths, or clean up cloths around the house. Pick a different color for each child and voila! the kids are thrilled to help Mommy and Daddy with clean-up time.

Our cloth wipes also make great family cloths, an economical alternative to toilet paper, and can help those suffering from bed sores or other medical conditions

Are these safe for my baby?

Absolutely! Our cloth wipes are extremely safe for your baby. They are made out of soft 100% cotton flannel. They are gentle and cuddly on soft baby skin.

How do I use the wipes?

Baby Wipes

The usage of cloths as an alternative to baby wipes is quite economical and easy to use. Many people use a solution or spray the wipes with water before wiping. We recommend that after you've sprayed the cloth(or cloths), you simply wipe and place it in a nearby container or wet bag.
Toilet Paper

The usage of cloths as an alternative to toilet paper is quite economical and easy to use. Use as you would toilet paper, wipe and toss the wet cloth in a nearby container.  Simply consider and use the same standards which you would apply to the amount of waste left on a baby’s cloth diaper before tossing the soiled cloth wipe into the container or wet bag.

Where should I store clean cloth wipes?

Stash them in your diaper bag, pile them up in your cloth wipe basket, and keep a few handy in your glove compartment!

Where should I store “dirty” or “used” cloth wipes?

Toss the soiled cloth wipe into a container. This can be a garbage can (with lid) exclusively used for family cloth wipes (and/or cloth diapers) or a wet bag.

How do I wash the cloth wipes?

Depending on the amount of cloth wipes used, launder the wipes once or twice a week. You may opt to have some water with laundry detergent in the container or not to use any water at all in the container. It’s a matter of personal preference. We recommend that you launder these wipes by themselves (or with dirty diapers) using hot water with your favorite detergent. You can either put them in the dryer or hang them on your clothes line.