Inside our Studio

 Prints for Cloth Wipes — Family Cloth Wipes Cloth Wipes Baby Wipes  — Family Cloth Wipes Wrapping Baby Cloth Wipes — Family Cloth WipesCloth Wipes Baby Wipes  — Family Cloth Wipes Editing and Listing Cloth Wipes — Family Cloth WipesOur little studio is located in our home. We receive boxes of cute prints and colorful solid fabric often, and then proceed to turn them into high quality cloth wipes. After being cut and professionally serged, our wipes are ironed, folded, and carefully arranged into coordinating sets. Then we wrap them with our recycled paper labels which detail instructions on how to use and wash our cloth baby wipes. Since we don’t have a brick and mortar storefront, we spend a lot of time with our customers online, answering questions, creating custom orders, building large co-op orders, you name it! We really love the wonderful people who we are blessed to do business with. We couldn’t ask for anything better.